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At Cars for Shoots, we are always looking for cars, commercial vehicles, emergency vehicles, motorcycles, trailers and motor-homes. Whilst unique and classic cars are always sought after, we also sometimes require everyday cars, in all types of condition, for the stills and film industry. Yes we even have a category for Rusty Wrecks. If you’d be interested in talking to us about making your vehicle available for shoots, please complete the form with your details, the vehicle details, and upload images, videos or documents – and we will be in contact soon.


Please feel free to contact us with your questions, but browse through some of the answers to questions that we receive regularly below.

Honestly, any vehicle that moves, and sometime even those that don’t. From classic cars to tricycles, to rusty wrecks and township cars, sources cares for a wide variety of cars. You also may think that you have a standard run-of-the-mill car, but sometimes those are exactly the cars that we need and the most difficult to find. List your car on now.
The rate is determined by the uniqueness and value of the vehicle. Rare classics will earn a higher rate where every day vehicles will earn less. We have clients who earn a very reasonable income from their vehicles, as we use them frequently, and you could be very surprised with the income earning potential of your vehicle.
Usually a vehicle is needed for 2-3 days, but in certain circumstances (eg. feature films), the car can be required for more than a month, which would mean you’re earning a great income.
All vehicles are insured while on set. We always send a trained representative to look after your vehicle as if it were their own. You are also welcome to deliver your own vehicle to set and stay with us for the day.
We currently focus on cars, trucks, motorbikes and classics, however please feel free to list your boat or plane, and we will advertise it in the right channels on your behalf.